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Special General Meeting

26th March 6.00pm TSD Show Court

Proposed changes to the Tamworth Basketball Association Constitution.

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Dear Members,

Tamworth Basketball Association has been in existence for 52 years and an incorporated body since 1988. We are required to maintain a constitution that governs our standards of operations, aligned to the relevant government regulations.

Our current Constitution was adopted in 1988, with the most recent amendments to the Constitution adopted in 2000. This constitution was established under the Associations Incorporations Act of 1984. Since that time, the Associations Incorporations Act has been updated, most recently in 2009.

In discussion with Basketball NSW and having reviewed the existing constitution, it has been proposed that Tamworth Basketball Association consider updating to the current legislation. At a recent board meeting of Tamworth Basketball Association, a new constitution was put to the board, and the current board made a resolution to adopt the new constitution.

Among the changes, the most significant is in regard the structure of the board itself. At present the current constitution calls for an 8-person board covering the varying parts of the association. As Tamworth Basketball has grown, the 8-person board has resulted in each position becoming quite cumbersome and encompassing quite an array of activities. Additionally, board members are only able to sit for 1 year at a time on the board and can lead to issues when many board members leave at the same time, which occurred at the last Annual General Meeting.

The proposed constitution calls for a 5-person board, with board members being able to be voted in on up to 2-year terms. In the first year, the proposed structure would call for 3 board members to be voted in for a 1-year term, 2 for 2-year terms. At the following Annual General Meeting the 3 vacant seats would be voted in for a 2-year term and the process would alternate 2 or 3 board members being voted in for 2-year terms in the future.

Whilst on the surface, moving from an 8-person board where the board members have large and cumbersome roles, to a 5-person board seems illogical. However the new board structure more closely resembles that of most modern business enterprises. The role of the board is to set direction and to make decisions based on proposals from committees and subcommittees that are in control of a specific area of concern. The new structure forces us to create committees to oversee various areas of operations, involving more people in the running of the organization and each person having smaller roles to fill.

A potential structure could be as follows, but there are varying forms that the board and committee structure could take.

As president of Tamworth Basketball, I believe altering our board structure and incorporating more people into the running of our Association will be how we are able to best move our sport forward and grow into the future.

If you have questions please contact me via email

I look forward to you seeing you at the Special General Meeting to discuss the proposed change to our constitution.


Scott Ward


Tamworth Basketball Association.