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Team Nomination Information

Contacts for Competitions

Director of Competitions:

Director of Referees:

Competition Co-ordinator & Door Person:


Gary Sinclair

Carol Rickard

Liz Johnsen

Peter McDonald


Tuesday Nights

  • A Grade Men
  • B Grade Men
  • Over 40’s
  • Mixed
  • D Grade Women

Tuesday Nights

  • A Grade Women
  • B Grade Women
  • C Grade Women
  • C Grade Men

Wednesday TAFE High School

  • 7/8 Girls and Boys A & B Grade
  • 9/10 Girls and Boys A & B Grade
  • 11/12 Girls and Boys

Thursday Night Competition

  • Minibolts – Kindergarten
  • Yr 1 & Yr 2 mixed
  • 3/4 Girls and Boys A & B Grade
  • 5/6 Girls and Boys A & B Grade

Mixed Social and Day time Competitions

Mixed – Monday night competition depending on team nominations

Day time – depending on team nominations


  • All grades require a minimum of four teams to commence in each competition grade and fees must accompany team nomination form;
  • Team nominations are due: – Winter Competitions – Beginning of term 1, & Summer Competitions – Beginning Term 3 (dates to be advised);
  • Delegates meeting held twice a year at the beginning of each competition.  Each team to have at least one member at this meeting or lose competition points;
  • Competition points awarded as follows:  will be three (3) points for a win, two (2) points for a draw and one (1) point for a loss.  one (1) point for a notified forfeit, and minus three (-3) points for a non-notified forfeit;
  • Teams forfeiting unnotified will be required to pay the forfeit fine of $100.00 before their next game (see rules for details).  Teams forfeiting three (3) times will be removed from the competition;
  • Only players listed on team nomination (minimum of 8 for team to be accepted) are eligible to play in the teams;
  • Players must be registered before playing;
  • Trial games to be played at the beginning of each competition to grade teams;
  • Skills clinics for junior players are held throughout the year;
  • Each team is required to nominate a referee;
  • Public holidays and School holidays – No games held on public or school holidays except senior competitions please note any changes supplied with the draw;
  • Teams with outstanding fees will be ineligible for finals;
  • For more comprehensive local competition rules please look on our website;
  • Competition Draws will be available on our website every Friday once the competition is under away or alternatively the Administrator can email you the draw each week.  Please email the administrator details of the competition that you wish to receive;
  • Monday and Tuesday Competitions
  • Teams are to provide team members Court Duty as per roster and or bench duty before/after your game as per weekly draw roster;
  • Wednesday and Thursday School Based Competitions only
  • Teams are required to supply one person to do bench duties for their game;
  • School authority to be supplied to TBA for the team to be nominated;
  • All teams are expected to supply a person/s to be the Court Supervisor once during each competition – a list of duties/roster will be supplied;
  • Skills clinics for junior players are held throughout the year.

Nomination fees

Junior (High School):
Primary Students:


See online Registration

Match fees

Junior (High School):
Primary Students:


$12.00 per game
$8.00 per game
$7.00 per game
See online Registration

Personal Player Registration / Membership

Registration and insurance renewals are due yearly depending when you joined and paid your first membership.  Coverage is for 12 months from payment date and payable with Liz on competition nights or on-line with NSW BBall.  Score sheets will advise you when your registration is due.

These fees cover associated paperwork, data entry, trophies/medallions, insurance, membership (BNSW), referees and staff wages.

Junior (High School):
Primary Students:

See online Registration

Referee Clinics

Level 0 and Level 1 courses are held throughout the year.  If players or parents would like to attend any course, they should contact the Administrator.

If you require any further information regarding competitions please contact either Gary or Liz via email to or you can contact our Administrator during office hours.