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Team Nominations for 2022 Summer Comp (2nd Comp)

When Delegates nominate a new team, they will be prompted to invite team members to join by entering players email addresses in the invitation box. An invite is then automatically sent to players with a link to join team and pay fees.   Note; Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to be accepted.

Note: Only new teams need nominate. Teams from the Winter Comp (1st Comp) are already carried over into the 2nd comp. Same team codes apply, players need to join team again & pay fees via this link

When nominating teams please use the “New Team Registration” option. (Only select this once do not try and amend nomination otherwise you will duplicate the team. Contact the office if you need to make changes)

Nominate teams at this link

Email a Team List of players’ names & contacts to

* Players that are unregistered or have not paid Comp Fees will not be permitted to take the court.

Senior Winter Competition will run from 26th July to 22nd Nov

Junior Winter Competitions will run from 3rd Aug to 24th Nov

Note:  * All players must be registered before joining a team.

Fees are to be paid by players when they complete their “player to team” online form.

An invitation with a link and team code should be emailed to players when team is nominated. (contact the TBA office via email if you do not receive)

Comp Fees as follows

Senior Comp Fees                                $165

Junior High School Comp Fees            $120

Junior Primary School Comp Fees       $120

Active Kids Vouchers may be used to pay competition fees online.

Personal Registration Fees

Registration Fees are Separate to Competition Fees – Click on the following link to register

All players must be registered with Basketball NSW, registration is for 12 months, fees are as follows

Senior Player               $120

Age 12 to 17 years       $100

Age 8 to 11 years         $100

Active Kids Vouchers may be used to pay registration fees online